Lisa & Heather Malyuk

Reaching a new generation of listeners with their interpretation of old-time, celtic, and world folk music.


Lisa & Heather Malyuk are celebrated performing artists in the U.S. and abroad.  These young musicians have received much positive acclaim for their interpretation of old-time Appalachian, Celtic, world and original folk music. The girls' performances feature an articulate hammered dulcimer coupled with inventive guitar playing and are spiked with dynamic tunes on the fiddle and banjo uke. Lisa & Heather exude musical maturity and ingenuity during their sets of eclectic folk tunes while preserving the history of the music and carrying the traditions into the future.  Their ever growing repertoire of energetic reels and jigs, bittersweet waltzes, driving international rhythms and old-fashioned sacred music is a must hear!

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